Louis Sutherland is an award-winning filmmaker based in New Zealand and working all over the globe. A father of six, he has been called “the child whisperer” for his innate ability to connect with children, revealing their inherent personality and spark on film. His love of street casting has led to finding raw, untrained talent - some of whom have gone on to attain award-winning international careers after his direction and guidance.

Though Google will tell you differently, Louis was born in Wellington, New Zealand, where he spent his formative years making up stories and recording them on a tape recorder under his bed. His first taste of performance was when he was cast as a small shrub and decided to play his inanimate object with the most comedic flair imaginable, derailing the audience’s attention.

He got his start in the film industry by making documentaries, travelling around connecting with people to tell their stories. He combined his passions of acting and storytelling while studying performance at the famed New Zealand Drama School, Toi Whakaari.

It’s here Louis began developing his narrative films based upon his own experiences growing up as a bicultural dyslexic kid in 1980’s Kapiti Coast. These films led him around the world, and were lauded at Cannes, Sundance, and the like, with his first feature, “Shopping,” premiering at Sundance and winning the Grand Prix at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Louis’ longform slate includes his upcoming feature film, “The Running of the Dodos” and television series “The Wrecking Ball,” which is in development. He is also currently working with one of New Zealand’s top theatre companies telling indigenous stories.

Louis is also a prolific commercials director, making ads much like his films - with an eye for giving each moment meaning and intimacy. His well-crafted characters and raw, authentic storytelling have the ability to make viewers both cry and smile, and have led to many international awards